Competition Updates

Chromebooks (February 27)

We have been receiving scattered reports of students having difficulty accessing the online tests when using chromebooks. If your team is using a chromebook please make sure that all software is up to date and have the students restart their computers before the tournament.

Websites (February 10)

Several coaches have asked for a list of websites that they will need to access during the regional competitions. We are updating this list as needed and it is suggested that coaches check these websites before the tournament to verify that they can be accessed in your district.

Follow the link for the latest rules clarifications for our Missouri tournament. Be sure to check the national Science Olympiad website at for all rules clarifications from the national office.

Quick Link to the Events

State Events for Division B

State Events for Division C

Science Olympiad Divisions

  • Division A: (Grades K-6). Missouri does not sponsor a Division A tournament

  • Division B: (Grades 6-9)

  • Division C: (Grades 9-12)

Team Composition

  • Division B: Open to students in grades 6-9. Of the 15 total students on a division B team, only 5 may be ninth graders. Division B schools are allowed to invite back up to five ninth graders if they have moved on to high school. If a division B team does invite their ninth graders back, these students are not allowed to participate on a division C team.

  • Division C: Open to students in grades 9-12. Of the 15 total students on a division C team, only 7 may be twelfth graders.

State Policies and Guidelines

Full list of all Science Olympiad Policies is available at the National Science Olympiad Website

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