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Tips and Suggestions for a Virtual Tournament

Be on your tournament "A" Game with our suggestions and ideas for a Satellite Science Olympiad Competition

Last update 1-14

Satellite Science Olympiad Room Layouts

There are several different ways to organize your school for a Satellite Science Olympiad Tournament. Here is our suggestion to make the most efficient use of your facilities and coaches:

Room Requirements: 3 Rooms

Coaching Staff: 1 (2 is preferred)

Parent Volunteers: 1 (2 if only one coach is available)

Room #1

Room Name: Homeroom

Supervisor: Assistant Coach or parent volunteer

Room Use: Resting location for students not participating in an event.

Special Notes: All students should remain in this room unless they are actively participating in an event. The room supervisor should ensure that all students maintain proper social distancing and mask usage in accordance to local school district requirements. Additional homerooms may be needed to comply with social distancing requirements. Note that it is imperative that students are supervised at all times. All homerooms should be staffed by a district approved chaperone.

Room #2

Room Name: Testing Room

Supervisor: Head Coach or Assistant Coach

Room Use: Students will use this room for their tests.

Special Notes: Students should only be in this room when actively taking a test. Students should maintain social distancing requirements and follow district mask protocols during the competition. All Science Olympiad event rules have been modified to allow each team member in an event to have their own set of resources, coaches should monitor students to ensure that there is no sharing of notes or other resources. The coach that is supervising this room will also act as the test proctor and ensure that event rules are followed and that students are only using the resources that are allowed. If a competition is running build events as either a trial or competition event, it is recommended that the assistant coach proctor this room. The head coach should inspect this room prior to the competition to ensure that there is working internet access and locations available to charge computers if team members neglect to do this before the tournament. It is also requested that if this room is a science room, the head coach should make sure that there are not any posters or displays in the room that could give the students an unfair advantage on their tests.

Room #3

Room Name: Build Room

Supervisor: Head Coach or Assistant Coach

Room Use: Running Build Events

Special Notes: Students should only access this area when they are actively competing in a build event. All events are closed to spectators and this includes other team members. Build events typically have the most complex rules and it is highly recommended that the proctor in this room is the most familiar with Science Olympiad, hence it is strongly encouraged that the head coach is the procotor here. This room could also be a large hallway, gym, or other suitable location.

Use of this model will make the most efficient use of resources and still follow all Science Olympiad guidelines. Coaches should ensure that all surfaces are properly sanitized between uses and that students follow all appropriate district mandated COVID protocols.

Awards Ceremony

Regional directors will inform their competing teams on the method for obtaining results and awards. Some regions will be conducting a virtual awards ceremony on the day of the tournament and others will post the awards ceremony shortly after the competition day once the scores have been verified. Regional directors will also notify participating schools on the method used to obtain medals and trophies. To facilitate delivery of awards, we have partnered with the national office to have the medals and trophies shipped directly from the factory to the winning schools. Regionals that use the direct shipping option will notify their teams in advance to discuss arrival times and to ensure that correct shipping addresses are on file.

Web Browsers

While any browser should work with our test delivery system, there have been some reports that Safari may have some issues. We suggest that students use Chrome.

Lockdown Software

Students should not access any web pages while taking a test. The software works like a lockdown browser and will lock students out if they attempt to access online resources. The software is quite sensitive to this and students need to be award that plugging ANYTHING into their computers during a test sesson can trigger the lockout browser. Reports from other tournaments have told us that plugging in a mouse or headphones can trigger the browser to lock out.

Fill in the Blank Questions

Satellite SO tests can include fill in the blank questions. It is important to know that an answer will only be counted correct if there is a 100% match with spelling and answers are case sensitive. Please have your students review their fill in the blank answers very carefully before submitting

Follow the link for the latest rules clarifications for our Missouri tournament. Be sure to check the national Science Olympiad website at for all rules clarifications from the national office.

Quick Link to the Events

Event Lists and Descriptions

Event Lists and Descriptions

Science Olympiad Divisions

  • Division A: (Grades K-6). Missouri does not sponsor a Division A tournament

  • Division B: (Grades 6-9)

  • Division C: (Grades 9-12)

Team Composition

  • Division B: Open to students in grades 6-9. Of the 15 total students on a division B team, only 5 may be ninth graders. Division B schools are allowed to invite back up to five ninth graders if they have moved on to high school. If a division B team does invite their ninth graders back, these students are not allowed to participate on a division C team.

  • Division C: Open to students in grades 9-12. Of the 15 total students on a division C team, only 7 may be twelfth graders.

State Policies and Guidelines

Full list of all Science Olympiad Policies is available at the National Science Olympiad Website

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