MARCH 14: State Schedules

State Schedules have been posted here

MARCH 14: Team Numbers

Team numbers have been posted here

State Update 1: Sent March 14

Greeting Coaches!

I hope that everything is going well and that you are getting your teams ready for our first in-person competition in nearly three years! As you prepare for the tournament here is our first news update. Look for more updates as we get closer to the tournament.

State Schedule

The state schedule is now available for download on the website at This year we are introducing a 30 minute lunch break for all teams from 12:00 to 12:30.

Event Signups

Teams may begin to sign up for the times that they would like to run each event beginning on Monday, March 21 at 7:00 am CDT. Signups will be through the scilympiad website and link will be posted on the state website under the state tournament link. The number of spots available per event will vary as lab events will have fewer spots per block than some of the other study events.

Walk In Events

The only event that we are running as a pure walk in event is Bridges. Wright Stuff, Trajectory, Storm the Castle and Ping Pong Parachute will run in 20 minute increments to help spread out the teams and allow these events to run more efficiently.


The impound policies for all events requiring impounds will be strictly enforced. Our judges are following the STATE rules for impounds. Coaches are reminded that some events that did not require impounds at the regional level do require impounds at state.


Registration for the state tournament will begin on Friday, April 8 at 1:00 pm in the atrium area of Temple Hall. This is the same location that we will be running Bridges in on Saturday. Registration will run until 5:00 pm on Friday and then we will resume on Saturday morning at 7:00 am. When you report for registration you will receive wristbands that your team members will be required to wear during the competition.

Springfield Discovery Center

We are working with the Springfield Discovery Center to offer a program for teams on Friday evening. At this stage we simply want to measure the level of interest. If your team would be interested in attending a program at the Discovery Center on Friday evening please let me know. There is no obligation and we are still at the planning stage so getting feedback will let our Springfield folks know if this is an idea worth pursuing for this year.

Registration Paperwork and Required Forms

Look for a second state update email during the week of March 21. This email will contain a list of all required forms and paperwork that teams will need to bring with them to tournament check in or will need to submit before the competition.