2021 Missouri State Science Olympiad Rules Clarifications

For All Events Allowing Resources:

  • For the 2020-2021 season, allowable resources for events are now PER TEAM MEMBER, not per team. This is to allow each team member to have full use of a complete set of allowable resources without the need to share with their partner and to have these resources available in the event that social distancing requires individual team members to be seated apart.

  • Clarification, February 11: This rule does NOT mean that if each team member brings in a set of event appropriate resources that the two sets of resources are required to be identical.

Division B/C Events

Write It, CAD It:

We’ve learned from our Regional Science Olympiad experiences with Write It CAD It, and are excited to try a streamlined protocol for the State Write It CAD It event. The time is short for both the writer and the CAD-er, so it will help your students immensely if the writer knows what to expect, and if the CADer can practice using OnShape to obtain the CAD parts file, working with the file, and share the file to the event supervisor for grading. If at all possible, please share the attached practice file with your students and have them practice the OnShape/CAD portion before Saturday. Optimally, have them test it using the computers and network connections that they will use during the tournament.

Rose Reynolds is our Event Supervisor for WICI and she will be available during the tournament via Zoomhttps://zoom.us/j/141722357?pwd=ak1KVkNBREhCWG5Pb0pRampjcXNmUT09 or via emailregion3moso@gmail.com to help you with any Write It CAD It questions that you may have.

Good luck, and we’ll “see” you on Saturday

Division B Events

Road Scholar

From the event supervisor

  1. You can do this now before the test. Use this link to download the Missouri State Highway Map. https://www.modot.org/media/21429. Right click the link and do a "Save Link As..." to your desktop or an easy-to-find folder. You will need the map to answer some questions on the test. You will want to be sure the map is open and available to you before you start the test. Reading a map in Adobe or a browser map requires a little practice, esp. locating towns. The use of Zoom function and not being able to see the whole map grid takes a little planning and practice. You are welcome to use a paper copy of the current or recent Missouri DOT state map if you have one. The electronic file is for those who do not have access to a paper map. This allows everyone to take the test.

  2. I will be monitoring the test all day.

  3. The test is self-contained and will not require paper maps.

  4. You will need a calculator and a protractor.

  5. There will be multiple questions requiring the usual RS proportions. If necessary, see the handout "Math in Road Scholar" at https://www.soinc.org/road-scholar-b.

  6. You will need a USGS Topographic Map Symbol sheet, also available at https://www.soinc.org/road-scholar- b.

  7. The test has separate highway map and topo map questions. Highway map questions will be after the topo map questions.

  8. Due to the peculiarities of the software, if you have to use a degree symbol in an answer, use the word "deg".

  9. Easy questions and hard questions are mixed together. Some questions are worth more points.

  10. If graphics are hard to read, try using the Zoom function on your browser

Division C Events

Senior Eligibility

Seniors that are a member in good standing and meet all eligibility requirements to be a member of a school's Science Olympiad team will not lose their eligibility if they choose to graduate at the semester. Seniors who graduate at the semester may remain on their school's Science Olympiad team for the remainder of the competition season. Note that if a school does allow a graduated senior to remain on their team this individual will count toward the limit of seven seniors on a team.

Protein Modeling:

Part II, the Computer Exploration portion of the event, is only to be completed with the aid of a browser-based version of Jmol found at this website: https://cbm.msoe.edu/markMyweb/jmolDesignEnvironment/#forward. Teams are NOT allowed to use the computer application version of Jmol.

There will NOT be a prebuild for protein modeling at the state tournament.