2021 Missouri State Science Olympiad Rules Clarifications

For All Events Allowing Resources:

  • For the 2020-2021 season, allowable resources for events are now PER TEAM MEMBER, not per team. This is to allow each team member to have full use of a complete set of allowable resources without the need to share with their partner and to have these resources available in the event that social distancing requires individual team members to be seated apart.

  • Clarification, February 11: This rule does NOT mean that if each team member brings in a set of event appropriate resources that the two sets of resources are required to be identical.

Division B/C Events

Write It, CAD It:

WICI will be run as a trial event. This means that your team can get practice with the event without their WICI score impacting team rank with respect to the State tournament.

As a reminder, we will be using the free CAD software Onshape. Each student requiring access to the software will need to sign up for a free account here: https://www.onshape.com/en/education/ (Note that the account activation email typically takes about half an hour to receive.)

You will need to register each competing team for *two* WICI events on Scilympiad; register the Writer for a WICI Writer event slot, and the CAD-er for a WICI CAD-er event slot. Note that each of these events is set up as a one person only event.

The Writer time slot and the CAD-er time slot *must* be within the same one-hour time block, e.g., if you register the Writer for a 9am WICI Writer time slot, you must register the CAD-er for the 9:30am time slot. This maintains the 25-minute writing opportunity and provides 5 minutes time for the transfer of the written file from the writer to the CAD-er. If you sign up for Writer and CAD-er times further apart, you will be disqualified from the trial event.

When the Writer accesses the WICI Writer event on Scilympiad, they will have access to pdf images of the CAD assembled object from different angles, as stated in the WICI rules posted to the MO Science Olympiad website on January 15, 2021 (see Announcements & Updates https://www.missouriso.org/ )

Those published rules also state:

3.d. The writer will send their description as a TXT, DOC/DOCX or PDF file to the Event Supervisor.

e. The Event Supervisor will send the description by the writer and a CAD file with the various pieces to the second team member who will take the description and attempt to recreate (build) the original object in twenty (20) minutes...

However, this presents the event supervisor with the challenge of transferring many documents electronically over a short period of time and relies upon the success of sending attachments through different email servers without them being filtered as potential spam. This is anticipated to cause inequities in timing and opportunity for student success. As such, we have opted to change those guidelines as detailed below:

3.d. The writer will give their description as a TXT, DOC/DOCX or PDF file to their team Coach.

e. The Coach will deliver the description by the writer to the second team member at the appropriate time. When the CAD-er accesses the WICI event on Scilympiad at the appropriate time, they will have access to a CAD file containing the various pieces. The CAD-er will use the written description in an attempt to recreate (build) the original object in twenty (20) minutes...

The CAD-er will submit their completed CAD file *and the written instructions they used* according to the prompt associated with the WICI CAD-er event.

All other rules and guidelines will remain the same as those stated in the published Write It CAD It official rules.

Division B Events

No Clarifications at this time

Division C Events

Senior Eligibility

Seniors that are a member in good standing and meet all eligibility requirements to be a member of a school's Science Olympiad team will not lose their eligibility if they choose to graduate at the semester. Seniors who graduate at the semester may remain on their school's Science Olympiad team for the remainder of the competition season. Note that if a school does allow a graduated senior to remain on their team this individual will count toward the limit of seven seniors on a team.

Protein Modeling:

Part II, the Computer Exploration portion of the event, is only to be completed with the aid of a browser-based version of Jmol found at this website: https://cbm.msoe.edu/markMyweb/jmolDesignEnvironment/#forward. Teams are NOT allowed to use the computer application version of Jmol.

There will NOT be a prebuild for protein modeling at the state tournament.