Director: Dylan Welker

Region 7 hosts the following counties

  • Barry

  • Barton

  • Cedar

  • Christian

  • Dade

  • Dallas

  • Douglas

  • Greene

  • Howell

  • Jasper

  • Lawrence

  • McDonald

  • Newton

  • Ozark

  • Polk

  • Stone

  • Taney

  • Texas

  • Vernon

  • Webster

  • Wright

February 18, 2023

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How to Find Us:

Dylan works in the College of Natural and Applied Sciences at Missouri State University – the host of both the Region 7 B&C division competitions as well as the new home of the state competition! While still relatively new to Science Olympiad, with this year being his first as the State Tournament Director (while also being the Region 7 Director), Dylan is excited to both help try to keep things as non-chaotic as possible – while learning all that he can from everyone that helps make Science Olympiad the fantastic program that it is.