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2022-2023 Science Olympiad Events

Life, Personal, and Social Science

  • Anatomy and Physiology: Students learn about the respiratory, digestive, and immune system

  • Bio Process Lab: Students answer questions dealing with biology

  • Disease Detectives: Students use investigative skills to scientifically study diseases, injuries, and health in populations or groups of people

  • Forestry: Teams are assessed on their knowledge of trees

  • Green Generation: Participants solve problems and analyze data over aquatic, Air and Climate Change

Earth and Space Science

  • Dynamic Planet: Teams compete in tasks related to Earth's fresh waters

  • Meteorology: Teams display their understanding of meteorological principles that influence everyday weather

  • Road Scholar: Participants answer interpretive questions using state highway maps, topographic maps, and other types of images

  • Rocks and Minerals: Students answer questions regarding rocks and minerals

  • Solar System: Participants answer questions over hability within and beyond the solar system

Physical Science and Chemistry

  • Can't Judge a Powder: Students test and characterize a white powder

  • Crave the Wave: Participants complete tasks and answer questions about waves and wave motion

  • Crime Busters: Teams collect evidence and run a series of test to solve a crime

  • Sounds of Music: Students design and play a musical instrument

  • Storm the Castle: Students design, construct and test a catapult device

Technology and Engineering

  • Bridges: Teams design and construct a balsa bridge meeting specified requirements to achieve the highest structural efficiency

  • Flight: Teams design and construct a rubber powered aircraft to achieve maximum time aloft

  • Roller Coaster: Teams design and build a roller coaster track for a ball or sphere

  • Wheeled Vehicle: Teams design and construct a vehicle powered by a non-metallic that reaches a target as quickly as possible

Inquiry and Nature of Science

  • Codebusters: Teams cryptanalyze and decode encrypted messages using cryptanalysis techniques for various ciphers

  • Experimental Design: Tests the participant's ability to design, conduct, and report the findings of an experiment conducted on site

  • Fast Facts: Teams answer questions in science related categories

  • Write It, Do It: One participant describes and object, the other participant attempts to build the object using the written description