Important Competition Information!

Missouri Science Olympiad is working hard to keep all of our team members, coaches and their families safe during these unpredictable times. Working in conjunction with the National Science Olympiad office we have developed three ways to play in Missouri.

  • In Person Competitions. This is our ideal situation and will be used if schools are in session, host sites for competitions are allowing schools to be on their campus and we are cleared by the local health departments. For tournament sites that are able to run an in-person competition we will be following guidelines from the national office and all participants will be required to complete a COVID-19 disclosure form along with required health screenings. All teams will be limited to a maximum of 15 persons and three coaches or chaperones (alternates and parents will not be able to attend).

  • Satellite Science Olympiad. We will use this model if schools are open but large gatherings are prohibited. In the Satellite SO model we will have a dedicated Science Olympiad competition week where the event judges will place their tests for the study events on an on-line platform to be taken at the individual schools at a designated time. Schools will be on the honor system to follow the event rules and team coaches will be asked to supervise their students. Construction events could be run at the school over Skype or Zoom, or with permission of the local health department a limited team consisting of just the students involved in constructing the devices could travel to the host location to run their events.

  • Mini SO. In the event that schools are closed we will use the Mini SO program. The construction events will not be run, and a list of events that are approved to run will be sent to registered Science Olympiad coaches. Students will complete these events at home, either using an online platform or even snail mail. Event judges will score the tests as usual and medals will still be awarded. The national office will be announcing a bid process for attending the national tournament that will be used among schools registered for the Mini SO.

Missouri Tournament Guidelines

Based upon guidance from the National Science Olympiad Office, Missouri will be implementing the following protocols for any in-person tournaments in the 2020-2021 season:

  • Each team limited to 15 team members and 3 coaches or chaperones

  • All tournaments are closed to spectators, including friends and family members

  • All events are closed to spectators, including non-competing team members

  • All participating teams are required to provide medical release forms

  • Teams are required to report participants in each event at registration, no substitutions will be allowed

  • All participating teams are required any COVID-19 positive tests within 14 post tournament days. Report must be made to tournament director and include the events and times that are impacted

  • Tournament directors will notify participating teams of any COVID-19 positive tests among participants and tournament staff occuring withing 14 post tournament days

  • All participants must wear a mask at all times

  • Teams are restricted to homerooms or their event locations. No wandering the campus will be allowed

  • Events should be run to eliminate stations or rotations

  • No tournament provided food or hospitality rooms will be allowed

  • Additional steps my be implemented by the local tournament sites

Decision Making Process

The following decision tree was prepared by the National Science Olympiad office and will be used by the Missouri Science Olympiad when determining how to run our regional and state tournaments. Any decision made regarding the type of tournament that we will run for a region or the state will always be based on three guiding principles:

  1. Safety. We will always place the safety of our students, coaches and tournament staff first

  2. Equity. We must ensure that in any tournament model, all participating schools have the same opportunities to compete and advance

  3. Fairness. We need to be certain that any tournament model adopted features all schools competing in the same manner and that events are run in a way that makes it fair to all.